Nola Wood for south KC!
Missouri 36th District
State Representative
 Principled leadership
 Common sense values 
...not just another politician
"We live in a day when few understand the value of Liberty and how quickly it is being lost. Even fewer are willing to commit
their time, their treasure, and their reputation to defending it. 
Nola Wood is one of those very few and will be a valuable asset for the people in Jefferson City."  Senator Ed Emery

Dear neighbors and friends,
Thank you so much for taking a minute to stop by!
I’m excited to tell you about my campaign to represent the 36th district in the Missouri legislature!
I’m working to bring principled leadership to south Kansas City!
This campaign is all about opportunity for you,
your children and grandchildren. I want to take the values we share to Jefferson City.

I’m grateful for many friends and supporters here in our neighborhoods,
from years of community activities, who have encouraged me that
they want to help me get our community and state headed in the right direction.

Too many of our people are suffering under the burdens of disproven policies which are keeping our community at a huge disadvantage. The ripple effects are hurting people all around us, right in their wallets, and in their quality of life.

We can do better this November!
I decided to run because I know we need to get our community and state on track. It’s going to be a lot of work, but we can do this, working together!

Please let me know your thoughts!

I look forward to hearing your concerns, and working
together to better serve you, and all the people of
south Kansas City.
Please opt in for my elist to get more information and stay in touch!

Many thanks!
Nola Wood
PS The 36th district is located basically from State Line Road along
435/470, encompassing part of the area as far north as Bannister Road, east to
James A Reed Road, and south to Martha Truman Road/ 119th St., and as far
southwest as Burning Tree at State Line Road. You can see the map at
See a quick 57 second introduction at
along with endorsements by area elected officials and an insider’s history of what it was like in Jefferson City when the Democrats controlled Missouri’s legislature,  
by former Lt. Gov. Bill Phelps.

Nola’s History of Consistent Service to Our Community:


Paid for by Friends of Nola Wood, Bill Randles, Treasurer