Nola Wood for south KC!
 Principled leadership
 Common sense values 
...not just another politician
"We live in a day when few understand the value of Liberty and how quickly it is being lost. Even fewer are willing to commit
their time, their treasure, and their reputation to defending it. 
Nola Wood is one of those very few and will be a valuable asset for the people in Jefferson City."  Senator Ed Emery

Dear neighbors,
Have you heard the great news?  
A special election has been set for our 36th district for Nov. 3!   We have the best opportunity yet to get real representation for our area!  Will you help me get your neighbors and friends who share our values to the polls to vote Nov. 3?  We have less than two & a half months, but we have another reason this is a great chance to make meaningful change in our community and state! The only other thing on the ballot will be a referendum on the job-killing mandate for a $15 minimum wage!  Now we have two reasons to make sure our neighbors who understand economics will be the ones to actually get to the polls, to make sure we save the day.  
Will you help me make the difference?  
Please email or call me and let’s plan how you’d like to get involved in this crucial election.
Many thanks!
Nola Wood
816.820.3413 cell
President, Greater KC Association of Health Underwriters
President, Terrace Lake Gardens Homes Association

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” --- President Ronald Reagan
Paid for by Friends of Nola Wood, Bill Randles, Treasurer
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Many thanks!
Nola Wood

Nola’s History of Consistent Service to Our Community: