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Dear friends,

The election results last night weren’t what we were hoping. The KC political machine won again.

D. McGEE DEM 1485 56.81%

N. WOOD REP 668 25.55%

T. E. PETERMAN LIB 16 0.61%

M. A. DRAPE IND 444 16.99%

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to each of you who have done so much to support my campaign! When the phone call came in August that the special election had been set, I felt it was the least I could do for our community, to take the rare opportunity of a special election to attempt to take this seat back from the KC political machine, and at least continue to build our coalition in the city, preparing to win bigger races in’16. We did build our coalition, but sad to say, we didn’t win this seat.

Today I received a message from a friend who had trouble with a voting machine, like what we’ve heard of in other parts of the country: "I voted between 6:30 & 7, and I voted with the electronic machine. When I pushed your name to vote, it populated McGee’s square. I noticed it & told the lady who said no big deal, we pushed the back button & the next button again, and it was still marked with McGee’s square. I had to run my hand over it to clear it, but wonder about the validity of the voting machines and whether the Election Board needs to be contacted. Seemed really fishy to me! I voted at the Gracepointe Church, if that’s helpful. I do think I will contact the election board, but you may want to do that also. Who knows how many other people it did that to who didn’t review it before casting their ballot?"

My friend followed up by telling me she has contacted the election board about this serious issue. I have spoken with the Republican director about it, too.  He has promised to check the specific machine, to look into it further.  

Some have also wondered if the World Series parade and rally impacted election turnout, and one can only assume it did, since some voters that I spoke with had completely forgotten about the election.  The timing of that event was mandated by MLB, whose rule is that such events must be held within 48 hours of the winning game.  What a mess that creates for the city involved, and particularly in this case, where that mandate impacted an election day.  I hope people will contact MLB to protest that mandate, allowing the winning city to hold their celebration events on a weekend, when it will not disrupt other vital functions.

So many of you have encouraged me as we worked hard to do what we could for our community, and I sincerely thank you for every way you have supported me in this quest.

Here are a few of the kind comments some of you have shared:

"Great effort. Take heart."

"Thanks for fighting the good fight. "

"The people who voted for your opponent voted in ignorance. They didn’t vote for the future they voted for their past."

"The Lord has other plans for you my friend. Jefferson City was not the place for you to be right now. You are needed right here in your own community with your strong morals and integrity. You are needed as an inspiration for all of us to continue to fight the big fight and never give up."

From one of the journalists who wrote a story on the race: " I just want to say I thought you did an exceptional job of campaigning and I am sorry you did not win. Your determination, hard work, grace and concern for this part of Kansas City is an inspiration to all. "

We will pick up signs for the next couple of days, so no need for you to worry about those.

Let’s continue to work together to win crucial races in our state & nation next year! You are invited to join me at our informative KC Conservative meetings the 3rd Monday of each month, and other area events I will share with you. If ever there are too many emails for you, don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d prefer just 2 or 3 per year with election information. Please consider also friending me on Facebook if we aren’t already friends there, or follow me on Twitter.

Many thanks & blessings!

Nola Wood

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President, Greater KC Association of Health Underwriters
President, Terrace Lake Gardens Homes Association

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” --- President Ronald Reagan
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