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Nola Wood for south KC!
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"We live in a day when few understand the value of Liberty and how quickly it is being lost. Even fewer are willing to commit
their time, their treasure, and their reputation to defending it. 
Nola Wood is one of those very few and will be a valuable asset for the people in Jefferson City."  Senator Ed Emery

Dear neighbors,
Thank you so much for all the ways so many of you supported my campaign to represent you in the legislature. We had what appeared to be a very exciting opportunity to make history in Kansas City, but sadly, it didn’t go the way we hoped.
As we knocked on many doors, & phoned so many voters, the response was very encouraging. Many neighbors in the city who had almost given up hope of ever again having our values represented in Missouri government expressed excitement at the chance to vote this time! Instead of this being our miracle year, though, vested interests prevailed again.
As I shared with many of you over the past 7 months, as promising as this year looked, I always knew it was a long shot. Half of why I made this run was to build our coalition of neighbors who share our values, to work toward helping candidates who share our values win our statewide offices in 2016. It’s hard to grasp the many problems caused by having people with bad policies in most of those positions, & we’re planning to change that in the next election.
The other huge blessing in making this run was to meet, & reconnect with so many friends in the area! Election day at the polling place was a virtual party, seeing so many long time friends, who encouraged us all day long with your kind comments!

Many thanks to each of you who did so much!

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, votes, and supporting the campaign with your time and resources! Several of you helped very sacrificially, and you have no idea how much that has meant to me, and to our community and state.

On the practical side, I want to assure you we’ll be around picking up signs over the next few days, and want to especially thank you for supporting the campaign in that very important way. I plan to keep track of every address which had our sign on your property, and will be in contact to invite you to help in that way on future important campaigns, if you would like. Our Kansas City conservative coalition is growing, and becoming an important force in Missouri politics for both candidates and issues.
Many blessings and thanks!
Nola Wood
816.820.3413 cell
Vice President, President elect, Greater KC Association of Health Underwriters
Committeewoman, 20th Ward, Jackson County Republican Committee
Legislative Chair, Mo. Federated Republican Women

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” --- President Ronald Reagan
Paid for by Friends of Nola Wood, Bill Randles, Treasurer
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Many thanks!
Nola Wood
See an insider’s history of what it was like in Jefferson City when the Democrats controlled Missouri’s legislature, by former Lt. Gov. Bill Phelps.

Nola’s History of Consistent Service to Our Community:


Paid for by Friends of Nola Wood, Bill Randles, Treasurer